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  • Will I need planning permission? +

    We would always recommend that you contact your local council to find out the exact planning rules that apply to your house however we can provide the following general guidance: The garden building must be less than 4m high with a pitched roof or 3m with a flat roof. It should be 2 metres inside of your boundary, if not it is limited to 2.5m high and fire regulations will apply The garden studio should be 5m from your home. If you live on a corner plot the garden building will need to be further away from both roads than your house, otherwise you will need permission If the buildilng exceeds 30metres sq it will be subject to building regulations If the building contains any plumbing it will be subject to building regulations The garden building should take up less than 50% of the garden surrounding the house We are happy to help you provide the necessary information about your garden building for you to submit to your local planning officer to receive their advice on your individual project.
  • What are the buildings made from? +

    Our buildings are made primarily from Cedar Wood which is much longer lasting than Redwood. They are timber framed with at least 100mm of insulation in the walls and roof (50mm in the floor). All of the windows and doors are heavy duty timber framed with A* rated double glazing and 5 lever locks. This gives them a higher u-value than any other type of joinery. They are flat roofed allowing them to let in more light with higher ceilings and greater strength. They are sealed with EPDM rubber which has a 30 year guarantee & is a bit like a pond liner- it can actually be used under water! The drainage is a gulley system filled with shingle with an outlet pipe(s) removing the need for ugly guttering. The building is installed on our unique concrete pile foundations preventing any risk of movement or rotting.
  • What is the maximum size of garden building that you can build? +

    Our regular buildings come within building regulations sizes so maximum length of 10m. However we can build custom sizes to suit your needs and have even constructed buildings 90ft long to encompass swimming pools.
  • Can my garden office be sited anywhere in my garden? +

    We are able to site your garden studio on almost any type of terrain including slopes, and as yet have always been able to provide a solution to our customers. If you have a particularly difficult location please call us to discuss your requirements.
  • Do you offer a site survey? +

    If you are with 25miles of High Wycombe, then we will provide a free site survey on request, however this is not normally necessary as we can adapt the garden building to suit the site upon commencement of construction. We offer installation within a 75 mile radius of High Wycombe
  • Do you have any display buildings that I can see? +

    We have a limited number of garden buildings on display at our offices in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, however we are also often able to arrange site visits to see previous customers garden studios in situ. Please call us to discuss your requirements and will endeavour to try to show you a similar building that we have previously built.
  • How long will it take for my garden studio to be built? +

    Depending on the time of year, and our order backlog it usually takes between 4 and 10 weeks from order to delivery and installation of your garden building. We can provide you with a more accurate estimate at the time of order.
  • What is the life span of the building? +

    We have been building garden office studios and garden buildings for over 25 years, and have yet to hear from a customer about one needing replacing!
  • How much maintenance does the building require? +

    All of our garden office studios are virtually maintenance free, even the wooden ones which we treat with a high quality preservative. We pride ourselves on using sustainable Cedar wood which is higher quality and lasts much longer than the cheaper alternative of Redwood. In order to maintain its appearance you can treat it with a light oil annually however this is not necessary for its preservation. The roof is made from EPDM rubber and has a 30 year guarantee it is similar to a pond liner and can actually be used under water so there is no concern about leaks even with it being a flat roof.
  • Can I install the building myself? +

    The garden buildings that we make are not kits, they are bespokely crafted, and we only recommend that professionals do the installation.
  • Can I have more internal rooms? +

    Yes, all of our garden buildings can be altered to fit your own requirements and the addition of internal rooms are a simple adjustment. Just call us to discuss your requirements.
  • Can you deliver outside the UK? +

    Unfortunately at this time we are only able to deliver garden buildings within 75 miles of High Wycombe due to the requirements for us to install them ourselves.
  • Do your prices include delivery? +

    Yes, all of our prices include delivery
  • Do your prices include installation? +

    Yes, all of our prices include installation
  • Can you help with plumbing and electrics? +

    Our installers are not qualified plumbers or electricians however we do have a wealth of experience in adding soft furnishings to our garden buildings so we can easily liaise with and advice you on how to install your plumbing and electrics. We can also recommend tradesmen in areas where we have worked previously so please just ask us.
  • Can I get a veranda or decking on the garden building? +

    Yes. Several of our garden studios come with the standard option of a veranda, however we are able to add a veranda and decking to any of our buildings. Please just ask us and we can go through the options with you, to create a studio that exactly suits your needs.
  • Are the windows double glazed? +

    Yes, we use the highest quality double glazing that we can source, as we believe the insulation of your garden building is of utmost importance, especially given recent winters!
  • Are the windows and doors five lever locks for insurance purposes? +

    Yes, absolutely, we firmly believe that there is no point in installing a garden office if you are unable to insure its contents!
  • Can I have the windows on the other side than show? +

    Yes, all of our garden buildings are built to your individual needs, switching the windows from the left to the right hand side or vice versa is very easy for us to do and will not incur any extra costs.
  • Can I have windows on both sides? +

    Yes, you can have as many windows as you like on your garden studio, although we will have to make a small additional charge to cover our costs.
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