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Garden Room and Studio Prices

Quality Assured and No Hidden Extras

All prices are fully installed, including the base and delivery and there is NO VAT to pay as we only build a small number of these luxury cabins each year. There is a choice of four standard front profile options to choose from depending on the size of the studio that you desire. All windows and doors are double glazed and even better, at less than 2.5m high the cabin is unlikely to need planning permission!

Dimensions 2m 3m 4m
3m £9,000 £9,500 TBA
4m TBA £10,800 £12,600
5m TBA £12,200 £14,500
6m TBA £13,500 £16,000
7m TBA TBA £17,200

Standard Specification (sizes confirmed with quotation)


  • External Height: under 2.5m.
  • Internal Height: max 2.15m - 2.07m, depending on which insulation package is used.


  • Timber: Pressure treated wall 100mm x 50mm doubled at panel joints.
  • Roof: 150mm x 50mm pressure treated beams.
  • Floor: 150mm x 50mm pressure treated Grid system. All sizes are nominal b4 machining.


  • External Walls: multiple sections to building sizes (ie 3m wall 3no x 1m), moisture barrier covers the frame and then clad externally with various finishes (e.g. cedar etc) pressure T&G.
  • Insulation: 2no 50mm = 100mm insulation boards standard polystyrene (celotex etc optional) installed between the frame timbers.
  • Interior: Plasterboard 12.5mm standard tape and filled and left unpainted. With timber sill and reveille around joinery (see thermawrape below).

Flat Roof

  • Beams: Roof beams run the shortest way of the roof. They sit on a ring beam which runs around the building and encompasses the gully guttering and facia boards finish.
  • Exterior: The roof has ply decking with moisture barrier then EPDM rubber over all inc the top lip of the facia (rubber will last for more than 60 years according to American research. 36% of all roofing in USA and 12% here in the UK uses rubber EPMD).
  • Insulation: Insulation is inserted between beams standard 100mm (plus is 150mm and thermawrap is 200mm).


  • Timber: Pressure treated ex150mm x 50mm bearer grid system.
  • Insulation: 12.5mm ply blinding deck insulation 50mm polystyrene standard or 25/50 celotex extra.
  • Finish: Floor deck 18mm particle board. Finish cushion floor standard. Other finishes optional.


  • Construction: This depends on site conditions and I will advise on my site visit. Usually 300mm diameter holes are dug to solid ground and filled with concrete.
  • Methodology: Levelling blocks and dpc to hold the floor grid. This method is pile and post - the best for these buildings, now being used by the majority of garden room builders.


  • Construction: Ex 90mm x 75mm profiled storm proof timber moulding, rubber sealed.
  • Glass: 4mm toughened standard double glazed. Optional extra: triple glazed.
  • Locks: Mila 3 shoot bolt with chrome handle and hinges, windows chrome handle and double tong espag on friction stays.


  • Wiring: Run building wiring and fit lights and sockets.
  • LEDs: Standard 200mm led lights internal. LED down lights external.
  • Sockets: Double sockets with consumer unit. Electrical connection and cable to the mains by others and certification requires a qualified Electrician.

Optional Extras

  • Joinery: Joinery options include Hardwood and Aluminium.
  • Doors and Windows: Sliding and bifolding doors, glazed roof skylight and triple glazing.
  • Thermawrap: Wall insulation 50mm extra insulation completely covers the wall and also the roof internally. Takes the wall to 175mm thick and roof to 225mm thick.
  • Decoration: Wall and ceiling finish options Plasterboard skim with coving t&g/hygienic plastic wall etc.